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Pack Tranquilidad

Pack Tranquilidad is a service tha we offer to those owners who want us to be in charge of bed, kitchen and bath linen as well as of the laundry and complete cleaning of their houses before every check-in of guests.

Service cost: from 22€ (low budget)

Per property bed place and booking.

Pack Tranquilidad home linen change

  • Bed, bath and cot linen change if necessary

  • Service cost: 8 per property bed place and booking.

Pack Tranquilidad 1
Pack Tranquilidad 2

Extra linen complement for Pack Tranquilidad.

  • Bedspreads for all beds in the accommodation and couch coats for those sofas in the main room, either in the living room or in the dining room.

  • Beach / pool towels for each property bed in the accommodation and in each reservation.

  • Service cost: from 6€ (low budget) per property bed and reservation.

  • Extra linen complement change for pack Tranquilidad

    • - It consists of one pool towel for each bed

    • - Service cost: from 1€ (low budget) per property bed and change

Service Plus

This is the service for those owners who won't be able to take care of the technical maintenance at their property. It offers assistance in case of any type of domestic technical incidence, as well as the revision of the property.

Service cost: from 3,3€ (low budget)

per booked night

Home Incidents Assistance

  • from 30€ (low budget) per hour

  • from 42€ (low budget) per transport on working days and hours

  • from 78€ (low budget) per transport on bank-holidays or nighttime hours

Servicio Plus
Servicio Plus

Technical issues home assistance

This service has been thought up for those cases in which a technical problem requires the assistance of a specialized technician (electricity, plumbing, household appliances, etc.)

Transport on bank-holidays or nighttime hours: Specific quote

*All prices include VAT

Pool and garden maintenance service

It is one of our most demanded services. It is intended for all owners who want to ensure a good maintenance of their pools and quality of water, as well as the care of their gardens during the time their houses are used for vacation rental.

For exclusive properties:

  • Pools: 175 from € (low budget) / month (minimum hiring of 4 months)

  • Yearly promotion: 165 from € (low budget) / month

For non-exclusive properties.

  • Pools: 225 from € (low budget) / month (minimum hiring of 4 months)

Pool set-up service

We make your pool present perfect conditions. We recommend you to hire this service before the start of the season.

Service cost: Specific quote

Homerti Mantenimiento de piscinas y jardín

Garden Maintenance Service

Your garden always perfect for any new check-in.

Service cost: Specific quote

*All prices include VAT

Line of Products

With this service we want to provide all owners with the products that guests can order on time, such as furniture for children and babies or key lock boxes.

Homerti Línea de productos

Key box

  • Price for exclusive properties

    • - SMALL size: from 25€ (low budget)

    • - LARGE size: from 30€ (low budget)

  • Price for non-exclusive properties

    • - SMALL size: from 39€ (low budget)

    • - LARGE size: from 45€ (low budget)

*Transport and assembly service: 42 from € (low budget)

Baby Furniture

  • Travel cot and mattress: from 95€ (low budget)

  • High chair (low budget)

*Transport and assembly service: 42 from € (low budget)

*All prices include VAT

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