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We take care of your house as if it were ours

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In Homerti we know that

each house and customer are different

This is the reason why we adao to and personalise the services we offer to the maximum.

We want to preserve the essence of your house, and that's why we totally adapt to you and your house.

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Homerti offers a wide range of free services:

  • We manage reservations

  • We organise your guests' stay from their arrival until they return the keys.

  • We develop your property advertisements: we carry out th photographic and video reports in order to advertise the house prperly.

  • We optimise the rates for stays at your house.

  • We offer a 24 hour multilingual service for both customers and owners. We answer in the guests' native language in order to avoid misunderstandings and offer the best service.

  • We manage and keep the security deposit for 72 hours while your house is checked for damages.

  • We carry out the holiday home checkin reports: we inform the Spanish National Police and Guardia Civil about the checkin of guests over 16 years old within the first 24 hours after the arrival.

  • We process the Tourist License application of your vacation rental house if it is not already registered.

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We take care of everything.

We are expert in vacation rentals

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