Frequently asked questions

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    What is the tourist city tax?

    The tourist city tax is a tax (or municipal or regional, depending on the territory) that is imposed on stays in any tourist establishment, such as hotels, flats or holiday homes. In the case of holiday homes, it is the owner who must collect this tax and then settle it with the corresponding administration. At Homerti, we help the owners of holiday homes to manage this process. We also advise them on the best way to do it so that their accommodation does not lose competitiveness.

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    What % does Homerti charge its holiday home owners?

    Homerti does not charge holiday home owners anything. Homerti's management and marketing commission is 16,5% + VAT. But the owners do not have to worry about this commission as it is paid directly to Homerti by the renter of the holiday home and does not affect the owner's profit.

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    Where does Homerti publish my holiday property?

    The marketing of Homerti's holiday rental homes is based on four pillars: direct sales through the company's own portals, sales through third-party platforms or portals, through tour operators and travel agencies in issuing countries, and the portfolio of thousands of regular customers who place their trust in Homerti year after year.

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    What is the deposit in a holiday rental house?

    This is the monetary deposit that guests leave when they book a holiday home. This deposit serves as a guarantee to give the owners peace of mind in the event of any damage to the property during the guests' stay. In this case, the deposit would be used to cover repairs or replacement of items, as well as replacement of damaged materials. The deposit money cannot, under any circumstances, be used to cover expenses such as cleaning or electricity consumption. It's money exclusively to cover any damage that may be caused by guests. If no damage is caused, the deposit is returned in full to the guests at the end of their stay.

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    What is the tourist licence for holiday rentals?

    The tourist licence is an administrative title granted by the regional or municipal administration (depending on the territory). It is mandatory for all houses where a tourist activity is carried out. In order to obtain this accreditation, a series of requirements must be fulfilled (which varies according to each community). At Homerti we help all owners of holiday homes to carry out the procedures to obtain the tourist licence.

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    What is the holiday rental liability insurance?

    One of the requirements established by the regional law that regulates tourist rentals is the tourist liability insurance. In order to be valid, this insurance must be for a minimum amount of €300,000, with a maximum excess of €600, covering accidents that may occur to guests during their stay in the insured house. It is important to bear in mind that the civil liability of home insurance only covers third parties and not the temporary residents of the property.

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    What is the Guest House Registry?

    The Spanish Ministry of the Interior requires all tourist accommodation (including holiday homes) to communicate to a central register, managed by the National Police and the Guardia Civil, the nationality, name and passport number of all the clients they have in their accommodation. At Homerti we help owners of holiday homes to complete this procedure.

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    What can I find on the Homerti website owners' intranet?

    When an owner registers a holiday home with Homerti, the property enters our Homerti marketing system and a unique, personal profile of the owner is created on the company's intranet. Through this unique profile, owners can view all the information related to their holiday home at the click of a button: booking calendar, photos, property details, settlements, invoices and rate information.

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    How can I contact Homerti?

    At Homerti we want communication with our owners to be fast, agile and direct. Therefore, we open all possible channels to contact us: e-mail:, telephone: 871 55 05 22

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    When will the photo shoot take place?

    Once we have all the necessary information and the signed contract, a professional Homerti photographer will travel to the new client's property to take a photographic report of the property. Professional quality photos are vital for us to be able to start promoting the houses on our booking channels. Good and beautiful photos are very important because it has been proven that good photos are a key element to increase bookings.

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    How to prepare the holiday home for the photo shoot?

    Having good, professional photos of your holiday rental properties is a very important factor in improving the volume of bookings for your properties. On the day of the shoot it is very important for the house to be clean and tidy so that the photos come out well. We also recommend you to open the windows so that the brightness of the house can be seen and the photos do not look dark, as well as having the outdoor areas and terraces with all the outdoor furniture set up. Another tip is to set up a table with plates, glasses, cutlery and drinks and refreshments.

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    What is the essential and recommendable equipment for my property?

    When an owner of a holiday home registers with Homerti, we provide them with a list of all the equipment that we consider necessary to give the best service to their guests. These are tools that are indispensable to ensure that our guests have accommodation with all the guarantees of success.

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    What documents do I need to contract with Homerti?

    Being a client of Homerti and being able to enjoy all the free services that we offer our clients is very easy. All we need is: the tourist licence of your property, the ID of the signatory, the IBAN of the beneficiary and a civil liability insurance policy.

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    What is the home data sheet?

    Once the contract has been signed, we will need as much information as possible about the type, equipment, distribution and configuration of your home. This is the information that must be included in the technical file of your property and that will help us to offer the best description of your house to the clients. This sheet helps us to resolve many of the pre-booking queries that our clients ask us for.

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    What prices can I set for renting my holiday home?

    If you need help and advice to establish competitive and optimal rates for your holiday home, at Homerti we help you with a specific and careful study of the best prices to guarantee the maximum number of bookings.

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    If I register my holiday home with Homerti, can I use my property for my own private use?

    The property is yours, and therefore, you can use it whenever you need it. In case you want to have it free on specific dates of the calendar for personal use, you can notify Homerti's agents through any of our communication channels and we will proceed to block the availability of the property on the requested dates.

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    How to pay the tourist city tax

    There are two ways of paying the tourist tax to the administration: the objective method and the estimated method. The majority of owners choose the estimated method, which is an annual module that is related to the capacity of the accommodation and the marketing period. The objective modality is more laborious because it is settled by contracted nights. If you are interested in receiving help with the payment of the tourist tax, Homerti's team of agents can provide you with information and/or carry out this procedure.

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    If I have a holiday home, what should I declare? What is paid by the client or what is earned by the owner?

    If you sign a contract with Homerti -in any of the Intermediation or Commercialisation modalities- you are required to report the rental income from what we settle with you. Annually, we will send you the tax information (with what we settle and what we invoice) to help you with your tax declaration.

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    Can I collect a separate cleaning fee for my holiday home?

    As a holiday home owner you have the right to charge extras or supplements for service or supplies related to the management of your accommodation. In the case of cleaning, you can charge the client through Homerti and we will pay you the cost monthly with the bookings.

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    Can I charge the electricity for my holiday home separately?

    As the owner of a holiday home, you are entitled to charge extras or supplements for service or supplies related to the management of your property. In the case of supplies such as electricity or heating, you can charge the client directly or through Homerti on a flat rate basis which we will settle with you monthly together with the income relating to the bookings.

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    When and how will I receive the rent of my holiday home?

    Homerti pays by bank transfer, on the 5th of each month, for all bookings with an entry date of the previous month. For example, on the 5th of May you would collect all the bookings that have entered your property during the month of April. We unify all the bookings of the month in one payment to simplify the management. In addition, together with the payment, the owners of the holiday homes will also receive a settlement sheet, where we explain to which bookings the money collected corresponds to. If the owner has contracted any service with Homerti with cost, this is also detailed in this document and the invoices for the service are attached.

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    Does Homerti apply reverse charge?

    Homerti does NOT apply reverse charge. This is a tax option applied by agencies outside Spain and requires owners to pay VAT on the commissions they charge. Many owners are completely unaware of this and then have unpleasant surprises when the Inland Revenue reclaims these amounts from them. With Homerti you will never have this problem.

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