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At Homerti we provide a full service for your holiday rental home, just ask us!

Homerti offers you a complete marketing service

To boost your holiday home or villa

  • Professional ads for your holiday home

    At Homerti we elaborate ads in several languages and with professional photos in order to promote your house with success in more than 50 international tourist channels

  • We organize your guests’ stay

    Forget everything related to booking management or the organization of check-in and check out. At Homerti we take care of all matters related to the stays in your house

  • We handle the payments of your bookings and security deposit

    We deposit the booking amounts directly into your bank account and we manage all matters related to the collection of the security deposit until it is verified that everything is in order

  • We optimize your rates

    Our Homerti booking team analyzes the reservations of your holiday home and increases the number of bookings by dynamically optimizing your rates. The best way to get more bookings for your vacation home!

  • 24-hour telephone helpline

    We take care of any issue at any time and in any language. In order to avoid troubles for the property owners and inconveniences to guests, Homerti offers both of them a 24-hour multi-language phone service

  • Cleaning and laundry

    We take care of the cleaning of the interiors and exteriors closest to the house, and the household linen provided by Homerti (sheets and towels)

  • Pool care and gardening

    We handle the cleaning and watering of plants, flowers, trees and bushes in the garden areas of your house, as well as the cleaning and maintenance of the pool, keeping the pool’s treatment system and the water quality in perfect condition

  • 24-hour home assistance

    24-home home assistance service, covering the incidents at check-in and all domestic and technical issues taking place during the guests’ stay

  • End-to-end service

    This is the service you need if you want to forget about absolutely everything related to the management of your holiday home: creation of advertisements, bookings management, guests’ check-in and check-out, house, garden and pool maintenance, facilities servicing, cleaning and laundry, troubleshooting, etc. All in one!

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