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From Majorca to the world

At an informal dinner, 4 friends from sa Pobla -versed in hospitality, law, finance and IT- chat about “the growing number of tourists looking for houses as an alternative to beach hotels in Majorca”. They analyze the way to professionalize the vacation rentals industry to its highest and offer guests a safe, comfortable and authentic way to know their homeland; and give homeowners the opportunity to increase their income with vacation rentals.

This is how Ca s’Amitger was born; today known as Homerti, it’s the company with more vacation rentals in Spain. One of the leading vacation rentals management companies in the world and one of the top 50 VR management companies on the planet.

The founder partners of Homerti currently lead a multidisciplinary team of more than a hundred professionals (tourism graduates, economists, gardeners, cleaners, laundresses, drivers, lawyers and computer engineers) specialized in the comprehensive management of vacation rentals.

Homerti a 360º service

To boost your holiday home or villa

A leading marketing team in vacation rental management

A hundred experts in holiday property management make Homerti one of the leading vacation rental management companies in the world. Rentals United, the world's leading vacation rental marketing technology company, ranks us among the top 50 most competent and competitive rental property managers.

Cleaning, maintenance and comprehensive management of holiday rentals

Homerti's policy is to fully adapt to the needs of each holiday home and its owners. For this reason, we provide you with a personalised quote according to your needs: booking management, cleaning and laundry, garden and pool maintenance, deposit retention, 24-hour home assistance, verification of the identity of tourists, registration processing...

24-hour customer service

Homerti's team of customer service agents is operational 24 hours a day to respond to the needs of holiday home owners and their guests. The service is multilingual and is designed to avoid any inconvenience to owners during their guests stay.

Experts in whole management of tourist properties

Homerti was founded by a group of friends from Mallorca who realised that more and more tourists wanted to discover the island by staying in houses rather than in a hotel. Faced with this demand, this group of experts in technology, tourism and law, designed the best way to make holiday rentals as professional as possible and offer visitors a comfortable, safe and authentic way of getting to know their land; at the same time opening up the possibility for owners to increase their income through holiday rentals. Today, the founding partners of Homerti lead a team of more than a hundred professionals specialised in the whole management of holiday rentals throughout the Mediterranean.

Frequently asked questions

We help you to manage your holiday home and answer your questions.

How can I contact Homerti?

At Homerti we want communication with our owners to be fast, agile and direct. Therefore, we open all possible channels to contact us: e-mail: info@homerti.com, telephone: 871 55 05 22

What % does Homerti charge its holiday home owners?

Homerti does not charge holiday home owners anything. Homerti's management and marketing commission is 16,5% + VAT. But the owners do not have to worry about this commission as it is paid directly to Homerti by the renter of the holiday home and does not affect the owner's profit.

Where does Homerti publish my holiday property?

The marketing of Homerti's holiday rental homes is based on four pillars: direct sales through the company's own portals, sales through third-party platforms or portals, through tour operators and travel agencies in issuing countries, and the portfolio of thousands of regular customers who place their trust in Homerti year after year.

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